It’s time to switch to a greener power company!

Our mates in the Pacific are already experiencing unprecedented impacts from climate change. It’s time to shrink our carbon footprint by choosing a greener power company.

The electricity sector is one of the biggest contributors to climate change with electricity generation representing the largest share of emissions in the national greenhouse gas inventory. But it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing Climates’ partnership with Powershop, ranked Australia’s greenest power company by Greenpeace.

Powershop is backed by Meridian Energy, Australasia’s largest 100% renewable generator and the owner and operator of two wind farms in Australia. Meridian Energy also has no investments in fossil fuels. Powershop is Australia’s first and only 100% certified carbon neutral electricity retailer, and gives you tools to track and help you reduce your power usage – so you can shrink your carbon footprint (and your power bill)!

By switching your electricity to Powershop, you’ll not only get access to certified carbon neutral electricity at no extra cost to you, you’ll also contribute to Climates’ life-changing work empowering communities to build climate resilience across the Australia-Pacific region. Climates receives a financial contribution for every person who completes the switch to Powershop via our campaign.

Follow the link below to demonstrate your support for Pacific climate resilience, by switching your electricity to Powershop, a cleaner and greener alternative and a retailer that contributes to and promotes the growth of the renewable energy mix in Australia.

You have the power to make a big difference today!

Terms and condition apply. Energy Price Facts Sheets can be found at www.powershop.com.au.

Each Powershop signup through Climates contributes

  • stay closely connected with our partners in the Pacific;
  • ensure our volunteers have the appropriate training and are ready for the challenge; and
  • engage more Australians to think regionally about climate change.

Why Powershop

  • Carbon neutral
  • Cheap
  • Easy to switch
  • Anti slavery

A little more

Climates is demonstrating that having a meaningful impact doesn’t require our lives to be turned upside down.

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