Supporting Pacific climate resilience


The Australia-Pacific region faces unprecedented climate challenges. People feel disempowered by the scale of these threats and their inability to stop them.

Climates is a supportive network with a common vision: empowering people in the Australia-Pacific region to address our climate challenges together.


Remote Mentoring

Engaging experts to collaborate, share knowledge and design solutions to the region's climate challenges.

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Conversations with Climates

Building engaged community through public conversations on the science, impacts and solutions to climate change.

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Pacific Engagement

Building genuine relationships across the Pacific to inform our understanding of the region's challenges.

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Our team

We’re looking for people from diverse backgrounds to join our team. If you’re interested in learning more, or have ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Let’s be mates.

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Jarrod Troutbeck

Managing Director

Jarrod has six years experience working in economics for central government agencies within Australia and the Pacific. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Environment, with a tailored specialisation in the niche area of Pacific climate finance.

As a boy, Jarrod’s family would holiday in the Melanesian countries, where his father also built school houses. From an early age he felt a deep sense of community within region, and a respect for its ecological vulnerability.

Philippe Gruse

Director Operations

Philippe has five years’ professional experience working in client management, consulting and operations in Europe. With a background in Business IT he is currently undertaking a Master of Management, including subjects such as Social Entrepreneurship and Environmental Economics. Being passionate about kitesurfing, hiking and traveling around the world, Philippe developed a strong connection to the environment and wants to secure our nature for future generations. He is proud to apply his business experiences to an organisation helping to engage others to do the same.

Emma Jacobs

Director Finance

Emma has nine years experience working in sustainability and resource efficiency. Growing up on a farm in regional NSW gave her a strong connection to the environment. Working in Bangladesh for 12 months, Emma saw the devastating impact climate change is currently having for vulnerable communities, which strengthened her commitment to aiding those most exposed to the impacts of climate change in the Pacific.

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