Supporting Pacific climate resilience


The Australia-Pacific region faces unprecedented climate challenges. People feel disempowered by the scale of these threats and their inability to stop them.

Climates is a supportive network with a common vision: empowering people in the Australia-Pacific region to address our climate challenges together.


Remote Mentoring

Engaging experts to collaborate, share knowledge and design solutions to the region's climate challenges.

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Discourse Series

Enhancing Pacific climate literacy through discussions with those living the science, the impacts and the solutions.

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Pacific Engagement

Building genuine relationships across the Pacific to inform our understanding of the region's challenges.

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Jarrod Troutbeck


Jarrod has six years experience working in economics for central government agencies within Australia and the Pacific. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Environment, with a tailored specialisation in the niche area of Pacific climate finance.

As a boy, Jarrod’s family would holiday in the Melanesian countries, where his father also built school houses. From an early age he felt a deep sense of community within region, and a respect for its ecological vulnerability.

Malcolm Roberts


Malcolm is currently completing a degree in Environments and Society at RMIT, following a life-changing epiphany working in the IT industry. To retain his IT expertise, he also consults for several organisations, including the RMIT Global Compliance Office and various Victorian State Government agencies.

Born and raised in high-emitting country, Malcolm feels a strong sense of responsibility for the global impacts of his Australian life, especially towards those who reside in vulnerable countries. He hopes to use his skills to bring about a more equitable Australia-Pacific community.

Sean Roberts


Sean is a Chartered Accountant with Stannards Accountants and Advisors. He has over eight years experience advising clients on corporate tax and business services.

Sean’s love for surfing and the ocean has led him towards a respect for the natural environment, and desire to protect the climate. He acknowledges that these values are synonymous with the Australia-Pacific region, and is proud to apply his corporate knowledge in an organisation helping to engage others.

Our latest news
February 28 at 5:24pm
February 28 at 2:41pm
“Could floating platforms, tethered to existing islands, offer a solution for those Pacific island populations whose homes are threatened by rising sea levels?”

What do you think of the idea of artificial islands?
February 27 at 5:40pm
The Indian Ambassador to Solomon Islands has affirmed India’s pledge to assist Pacific island nations with climate challenges. India will be supporting Solomon Islands and other Pacific countries in the form of renewable energy.
February 26 at 11:30am
The program ‘Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region’ serves as a model climate initiative across the Pacific. As one of the most successful and productive programs in Vanuatu, it has supported the mainstreaming of climate change policy, introduced mitigation measures, and increased climate change education.
February 25 at 10:16am
The Pacific-UK partnership will see the construction of a Pacific Climate Change Centre, “a regional hub for inclusive collaboration on adaptation and mitigation priority needs for Pacific islands”.
February 24 at 11:54am
This week marks a year since Cyclone Winston.

“No Fijian who experienced the impact will ever forget the experience” says Fijian President Jioji Konrote.
February 23 at 12:38pm
Rainfall variability is set to increase as a result of climate change. Floods and drought will be added to the impacts already experienced by the Pacific, such as rising sea levels, increasing temperature extremes and ocean acidification.
February 22 at 6:30pm
February 22 at 2:50pm
February 21 at 5:22pm
The Climate Council has released a new report which finds that 2016 saw some of the most severe impacts of climate change worldwide.

The report also finds that across Australia, extreme weather events are projected to worsen as the climate continues to warm.
February 19 at 1:04pm
Preparing to chair COP 23 later this year, Fiji will be focusing on capacity building as a means for better coping with climate challenges.
February 17 at 1:46pm
Global Weirding: “how the rise in average global temperatures leads to all sorts of crazy things”.

An interactive website based on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2014 report.
February 16 at 4:14pm
Heatwaves kill more Australians than any other natural hazard. Yet research on climate change impacts on health has slipped through the cracks.
February 15 at 5:19pm
PacWave17 is taking place this 15-17 February. The exercise uses scenarios to improve tsunami response capacity across the Pacific Rim.
February 15 at 11:28am
Climate change, the global economy, and the road ahead.
February 14 at 3:51pm
The prospect of a global warming disaster has the tech industry playing with the concept of floating islands. As crazy as it may seem, Kiribati and French Polynesia are already considering similar projects.
February 13 at 4:11pm
Join us at the Sustainable Living Festival as Climates and Oxfam Community Victoria bring you a discussion on climate change, its impact on the Pacific, and Australia’s role.

Speakers include Climates Co-Founder Jarrod Troutbeck and PhD candidate Kari Gibson. We hope to see you there!
February 13 at 7:46am
Vlad Sokhin Photography documents the diverse effects of climate change experienced by different countries in the Pacific.
February 12 at 7:44pm
Check out Australia's Transitions Film Festival starting in Melbourne this Thursday, 16 Feb!
February 11 at 11:56am
It's day two at the National Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, and we're on the look out for someone to help Jeremy open a coconut... Please help!
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